“What fond memories they must be!  Of joy and sorrows, dangers and difficulties, friendships and hardships, tragedy and comedy – in fact a complete kaleidoscope of Life, lived through varying times and with varying fortunes.

The basic concept of a society surrounding a school has remained much the same through the years – teachers, pupils, parents – (even a stray dog or two, but a few horses these days).  But relationships between these categories have undergone vast changes – all for the better, I feel sure.  Gone are the days when mutual cooperation was based on the old adage of – “spare the rod and spoil the child”. 

The close liaison between the school and the community at large, is an indication of the enlightened attitude of all section of the community towards the need for a better education for our most valued assets – our children, to prepare them for life in the swiftly changing world.”

Ernest Edward Powell

Principal, 8 July 1969 – December 1974

Commemorating 125 Years of Service: Petrie Sate School 1874 – 1999