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Tragedy can strike anywhere at any time and as a community the North Pine/Petrie people have shared triumph and loss. Occasionally these moments are memorialised for ever more so we can ponder, remember and learn from the past.




20 September 1912 (Friday)

News was received on Saturday of the death of Miss Jessie Corrie Rowe, late assistant at the local State school, and an ardent worker in the Methodist Church. The church pulpit for Sunday’s services was draped with black by the young Christian Endeavourers, and touching references were made both in the church and in the school.

Source:1912 ‘COUNTRY TELEGRAMS.’, The Brisbane Courier (Qld.: 1864 – 1933), 20 September, p. 4, viewed 14 December, 2013,


11 December 1911 (Monday)


A successful entertainment by the North Pine State School children, followed by the distribution of prizes and a Christmas tree, was held in the local School of Arts on Friday night (writes our North Pine correspondent) Mr James Forsyth, M.L A., who was accompanied by Mrs Forsyth, occupied the chair, and the hall was crowded. The bright entertainment commenced with a recitation, “Our School Greets You”, by nine boys. Then followed action songs and recitations by lands of boys and girls. A musical sketch by Master Nock, and six boys was very amusing, and “Tom’s Practical Joke”, by Master Houghton and Misses Lear and Baldwin was loudly applauded. The song, “The Soldier and His Child”, by Mrs Hunter and Miss Baldwin, was much enjoyed. “The Suffragettes”, by Miss Rowe and a party of girls, created much amusement. All the children acquitted themselves well, and the entertainment reflected credit on Mr and Mrs Hunter and Miss Rowe …”

Source:1911 ‘NORTH PINE STATE SCHOOL.’, The Brisbane Courier (Qld.: 1864 – 1933), 11 December, p. 9, viewed 13 December, 2013,



The North Pine State School Honour Board remembered those who served in World War I.  By 1916 the school (and in fact many Australian institutions) felt there was a great need to personally honour the local men who enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force to fight in the deadly pursuit of freedom in lands far away.

Mr J Connor, the chairman of the School Committee at this time, proposed that members collect financial subscriptions from the community to finance an honour board.  This was to contain the names of all the past pupils who had gone to the war.

The proposal was made at the end of February 1916 and by July it had been made and was presented to the committee members.


25 February 1916


NORTH PINE February 25

At the last meeting of the State School committee, Mr J Connor presiding, it was unanimously agreed that as quite a large number of past pupils of the local school had enlisted an honour board be erected in the school building.  All the members of the committee were provided with subscriptions lists to provide funds for the purpose.

Source: 1916 ‘NORTH PINE HONOUR BOARD.’, The Brisbane Courier (Qld.: 1864 – 1933), 26 February, p. 5, viewed 5 January, 2014,


23 July 1916



At a meeting of the State School committee held on Thursday evening, Mr J Connors in the chair, a handsome honour board was on view, containing 41 names of past scholars of the school. The date for the unveiling ceremony was fixed for September 2. It was decided to invite the Minister and Under Secretary for Public Instruction and the member for the district to take part.

Source: 1916 ‘A SCHOOL HONOUR BOARD.’, The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 – 1933), 26 July, p. 7, viewed 5 January, 2014,


31 August 1916


An honour board of the North Pine State School will be unveiled in the School of Arts, North Pine, next Saturday, at 3 o’clock. On this board are inscribed the names 43 in all, of all old boys of the school who have enlisted. The ceremony will be performed by the Under Secretary (Mr J D Story), who will be accompanied by Mr J Forsyth, MLA.

Source: 1916 ‘HONOUR BOARDS UNVEILED.’, The Brisbane Courier (Qld.: 1864 – 1933), 31 August, p. 7, viewed 5 January, 2014,


This grand occasion and major patriotic event was to be marked with a concert at the North Pine School of Arts on Saturday 2nd of December. It was attended by state government dignitaries and included singing and solemn remembrance.  The gathering was not an opportunity missed for fundraising either, as patriots raised more than three pounds in aid of the General Hospital:


5 September 1916


NORTH PINE, September 4

A roll of honour, bearing the names of 44 past pupils of the North Pine State School who enlisted was unveiled at the School of Arts on Saturday afternoon by Mr J D Story (Under Secretary, Department of Public Instruction).  Not-withstanding the unfavourable weather a large gathering assembled, and great enthusiasm was shown.  Mr J Connors (chairman of the committee) presided.  Stirring patriotic speeches were delivered by Messrs J D Story, Jas Forsyth, M.L.A., R D Hunter, and Revs I Bennett and W S Laurie.  The school children, under the direction of Mrs Hunter, rendered patriotic songs, and Miss Gladys Hunter, in costume, sang “The Red Cross Nurse”.  A Mr Story unveiled the board the whole school stood at the salute and sang “God Save Our Splendid Men”.  The board, which was much admired, is of polished silky oak.  A collection in aid of the General Hospital amounted to 3 pounds/2/6.  The names appearing on the board are: – J Feakin (killed), R D Hunter, W R Hunter, L Bright, A White, F White, W White, J White, A Gordon, I C Gordon, N Wyllie, L Tanner, O Tanner, A Tanner, J D Campbell, Captain D Campbell, A smiley, W Smiley, J Fraser, J Walker, A Slater, T Slater, H Gilbert, G Gilbert, S Gilbert, W Herman, F Herman, V Houghton, J Ramsbotham, E Guddopp, N G Hatton, L Warneminde, Corporal C Warneminde, H Warneminde, F Sheehan, R Hosier, W Johnston, S Buckby, H Collings, W Sargent, A Murphy, Driver L Oxenham, Captain H Oxenham (Royal Flying Corps), J Young.

Source: 1916 ‘HONOUR BOARDS.’, The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 – 1933), 5 September, p. 8, viewed 5 January, 2014,


Courtesy Moreton Bay Regional Council Local History Library, Strathpine.



Evidently, this honour board was originally kept in the School house for many years.  Perhaps due to the many renovations and changes that were happening at Petrie State School 71 years later that Peter Boge (Principal 1983-1990) decided to pass the honour board in good faith to the Pine Rivers RSL in Kallangur.  It was presented to the RSL by the school captains of that year.

This move was documented by Peter Boge in his memories of Petrie in 1999:


“School Captains Craig Hargraves and Hayley Perel presented the old North Pine State School Roll of Honour to Pine Rivers RSL, Kallangur on 11 November 1987.”

– Peter J Boge, 1999 – Principal, 1 Jan 1983 – 31 Dec 1990.

Source: Commemorating 125 Years of Service: Petrie State School 1874-1999, pp46-49.


This move is documented at Monument Australia:


North Pine State School Honour Board

North Pine State School Honour Board honours those who served in World War One.


Address:  1347 ANZAC Avenue, Pine Rivers RSL & Services Memorial Club, Kallangur, QLD, 4503


Actual Monument Dedication Date:  Saturday 2nd September, 1916.

11 November 1987



In 2014, it was disappointing to discover that on investigation with the Returned Services League that the North Pine School Honour Board is at this stage unable to be located.  The only remnant of what it looked like is a poorly taken photograph which was kindly supplied to us by the RSL Sub-Branch.



We hypothesise that at some time in the history of the RSL re-structuring from having suburban branches to much larger divisional branches that it’s possible that the Honour Board went missing when the Petrie Office amalgamated with Kallangur.

We do however live in hope that it could be recovered at some point.  The RSL have expressed their sincere and unreserved apology over the loss.





4 October 1926 (Monday)


The funeral of Mrs Tom Petrie whose death was reported in Saturdays “Courier” took place to the Lawnton Cemetery on Saturday afternoon. Mrs Petrie was laid to rest beside her husband on the beautiful slope of the Pine River which she had known and loved for so many years. The large number of residents from the Pines Rivers and from Brisbane bore eloquent testimony to the love and respect in which Mrs Petrie was held. The Rev W Maitland read a short service at Murrumba and officiated at the graveside. The chief mourners were Messrs Guy Petrie, son, Langlands Armour, grandson G J Stuart son-in- law, Andrew Petrie, nephew G P Campbell and C W Campbell nephews and others present included Messrs L Petrie, E S Petrie, Victor Campbell, H Campbell, J Campbell, Horace Munro, W Gibson (Bingera), D J Stewart, C Luya, General Spencer Browne, General Cecil H Foott, C A Macfarlane, A J Wyllie, W J Affleck, F Swartz W Gordon, W J Baldwin, J W Sanders. W J Ewing and many others, including old residents of the district whose names were not available. Among the many who sent wreaths were the following: Sons, daughters, and L Amour, North Pine Presbyterian Church, teachers and pupils Sate School, Mr and Mrs Minnie Storey, Lady Philp and Miss Munro, Mr and Mrs C A Macfarlane, Mrs A Moles and family, Mrs Brodribb and family, Mrs and Mrs Arthur Sharp, Mr and Mrs A Henderson, Mr and Mrs Biggs, Mr and Mrs Horace Munro, Mr and Mrs Ed Munro, Mr and Mrs James Forsyth, Mr and Mrs C W Campbell, Mr and Mrs J Campbell, Mr and Mrs Victor Campbell, Mr and Mrs A L Petrie, G Campbell, Mrs J D Campbell, Miss Mary Stratton, Mrs Eric Plumridge, Mr J J Munro, General and Mrs Spencer Browne, Mr Norman Campbell, Mr and Mrs W J Baldwin and family, Mr A J Wyllie and family, Mr and Mrs J W Sanders, Mr and Mrs F Herman, Mr W Lear, Mr and Mrs R Allsop, Mr and Mrs P Sweeney, Mr and Mrs O Houghten, Mr G J Stuart, Mr and Mrs D J Stewart, Mr and Mrs A N Hill, Mr and Mrs A N Robinson, Mr and Mrs S Carter, Master A Baldwin, Mr W G Gibson, Mr and Mrs W J Nuttall, and Mr and Mrs Wilmer and family. The funeral arrangements were carried out by J S Hislop.

Source: 1926 ‘FUNERAL OF MRS. TOM PETRIE.’, The Brisbane Courier (Qld.: 1864 – 1933), 4 October, p. 18, viewed 14 December, 2013,




15 September 1974

Centenary week celebrations begin officially at 2 pm on a Sunday by the Regional Director of Education (Mr Hooper) with speakers Member for Pine Rivers (Ken Leese) and the Pine Shire Chairman (Les Hughes).

A plaque showing that the land on which the School stands was gifted by Tom Petrie in 1874 was presented to the Headmaster (Mr Fitzgerald).

Events included a combined outdoors church service, a procession involving vintage cars, the Naval Reserve Band. Displays included children’s projects, the library, early photographs and pages of the first school register, present day teaching equipment.

The day was reported as “obviously well organised” under the direction of Ross Vickery.

The weather was reported to be of light rain with a cool breeze.

Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council Local History Library, Strathpine


1974_10_02 October Near North Coast News PETRIE STATE SCHOOLS CENTENARY_01




“Yvonne Chapman ‘opened’ the Activities Building concrete wall, 21 August 1987.

Peter J Boge, 1999 – Principal, 1 Jan 1983 – 31 Dec 1990.

Source: Commemorating 125 Years of Service: Petrie State School 1874-1999, pp46-49.


1987 Activities Hall Landscaping Official Opening Plaque Yvonne Chapman
Courtesy Kathleen Cameron




During 1988 the school celebrated Australia’s Bicentenary, Celebrations around the year-long them ‘A Page of History’ involved the unveiling of the Tom Petrie plaque at the Bicentennial Gardens at the Dayboro Road entrance to the school. All classes planted trees on Arbor Day, and a start was made on an Environmental Studies area. Visits were made to the North Pine Country Park and to Expo 88.

Source: 1989 Petrie State School Prospectus, From the Collection of Jean Charters




Many stories circulate around the playground about the plaque dedicated to the little Petrie girl that sits almost in the very centre of the school. She’s almost a little legend now, as the mystery of her role at Petrie greets the new waves of year one kids as they meander to and from the toilets and the undercover area.

The truth of Elizabeth Thorpe is one of the most endearing tales of the history of the school. That little plaque is so significant, and yet the story is somehow a little lost to the new comers to the grounds.

Elizabeth was born on the 8.3.1982 and was a student in year 4T at Petrie State School when she sadly lost her battle with Leukaemia on the 4th May 1992. The Principal, Mr David Stevenson, wrote at the time:


“As we are all aware Elizabeth Thorpe lost her fight against Leukaemia last week. A fight that has been going on for at least 6 ½ years. I had the privilege of getting to know Elizabeth over the last seventeen months. A student, who showed an incredible amount of courage, Elizabeth always gave everything her best shot. In all the suffering she had encountered her quality of life was never in question. Elizabeth was an active member in all school happenings in and outside the classroom (and her Brownie Pack), choir and in sporting fixtures. If she was unable to take part she was a most active supporter indeed. She attended school right through to the end. I know Elizabeth has influenced all she has been in touch with. Her contribution to Petrie State School Community will always be remembered. I believe the following poem of Elizabeth’s reflects her very full but short life.”



By Elizabeth Thorpe

Fireworks, fireworks, buzzing through the sky,

Hurry up build up your flame, for hours running by.

Turquoise, emerald, aqua and cerise shoot and turn then dive and disappear.

You sparkle like tentacles on an octopus.

And you open out like an umbrella with your dazzling colours.

Twist and curl then dive and disappear for your day’s work done.

Courtesy Kathleen Cameron




1992: “Mrs Shirley Eaton (Class Teacher) retires due to ill health.”

1997: “Mrs Shirley Eaton (ex-Teacher) passed away during the Christmas vacation.”

– David Stephenson, 1999 – Principal, 1 Jan 1991 – 2007

Source: Commemorating 125 Years of Service: Petrie State School 1874-1999, pp50-53.




1995: “Passing away of Luke Parkin. Luke attended Petrie School 27/1/81-1/12/88. Mrs Gail Parkin had a long association with the school as Tuckshop Convenor.”

– David Stephenson, 1999 – Principal, 1 Jan 1991 – ???.

Source: Commemorating 125 Years of Service: Petrie State School 1874-1999, pp50-53.


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