KC Creativity ! aims to provide quality design, hosting and artwork to customers who are looking for an alternative to expensive design or hosting packages.

Like many of the enterprises and projects we seek to assist, we are a small family operated business and understand the needs of start-ups, community groups and individuals who are preparing a journey into the promotional arena using the visual, creative or cyber tools that are available in this technologically driven era.

We also understand that this learning curve can be steep for some or for others simply too time consuming or distracting from their core business.

Whatever you might think you are looking for or know you need, we invite you to contact us and discuss a consultation time – if you are looking for ease and simplicity with a professional presentation, we are sure that we can direct you to a manageable and appealing solution.

Content Consultation

Consider KC Creativity ! to consult with you about how to best present your content for the web or your target clients.  We are also available to modify, update or continually improve your content.

Ask us about KC Creativity ! becoming your Web Content Master.

Branding and Design Consultation and Creation

Consider KC Creativity ! to develop your visual identity as a cohesive and cross-platform dynamic to appeal to, attract and be recognisable as your own.

Graphic Art & Photography

Consider KC Creativity ! for all your digital graphics and outsourced printing requirements.  With over 15 years graphic design and industry experience, we can provide you with the visual marker you are dreaming of!

Video Editing and Sound Production

Need some Multi-Media to soup up your internet image?

KC Creativity ! can develop and create internet videos and soundtracks.  Our video production is basic, yet effective – and we can provide you with a very affordable production with professional results.  We use everyday technology to create video and magically apply our imaginative editing for shorts films, promos, educational videos etc.

Soundtracks can be developed to accompany your video or as a podcast/soundfile on it’s own.


KC Creativity ! gives you the option of driving your own website and writing/developing your own content within the site we build for you.

If you decide this is the product option for you, and you host with us, we will provide you with a two hour training session, a training manual and ongoing support until you are a content wizard!


Call us to discuss our workshops!  Although we are not yet an accredited training provider, we have mini-workshops that we run for small offices and organisations who wish to learn and develop better in-house digital skills, web skills/knowledge, design skills, advertising skills etc.

These courses are largely developed for beginner to mid-weight computer and internet users and are tailored and written specifically for your needs.


Kathleen Cameron ! Fine Art, Design & Photography

Kathleen Cameron is a graphic designer and artist who also exhibits, creates craft arts and designs posters, prints and the occasional tshirt.  She would love to produce work for you by commission or you may like to visit kathleencameron.info to view works on sale online or to see her portfolio.

Kathleen can produce fine art for decorating or feature works for your home, office or practice.  She will make to order !




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